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Goals aside, what makes you keep going to school?
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 Need some ideas? [list]

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PostSubject: Need some ideas? [list]   Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:04 am

Here's a list of some ideas I've had for a long time. Credit: me, TOKIO, and The Whitlams.

-they drink
-live in west side
-work in east side
-hang out in backshed
-play poker (scrach head)
-lay in fields
-watch planes and clouds blow by
-run-down kitchen
-they vomit (from drugs and alcohol)
-(someone) in band (OPTISTYLE)
-banana chairs on concrete
-tell stories out under stars
-(gemini's love wooden dragons)
-morning comes, life goes back to normal
-morning taste like wine(?)
-stoned in bookshop
-sober in nightclub
-sex in nightclub(?)
-(someone f) always late
-chris is mad
-pulling tissues out of a box
-"come into my world"
-"this odd feeling"
-(female) mismatches socks & earrings
-hit a watermelon with a blow-up hammer
-hit it again, then chop it in half with axe
-ride a tricycle
-ride a bike with the steering wheel backwards and with no limit of turning
-"are you proud?"
-Gaian style clothes/wardrobe
-likes video games
-living in poor house
-likes mice, birds, and dogs and cats
-two cars playing "jaws"
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Need some ideas? [list]
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